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What Key Cutting Tools Are Used By A Locksmith?

Every day, locksmiths encounter situations where they either need to make a copy of an existing key or make a brand new key to replace one that has been lost. Having the right tools on hand can make this key cutting locksmith process far easier.

Perhaps the most basic key cutting tool used by locksmiths is a key duplicating machine. These machines are designed to cut a duplicate of an existing key. The original key is placed in the machine where a vise holds it. A second blank key is also inserted into the machine. The locksmith guides the machine along the contours on the edge of the existing key. As the machine follows these contours, it also cuts the blank key to the match. As long as the locksmith doesn’t slip or go off course while guiding the machine along the edge of the original key, the duplicate key should be an exact copy. This type of service can be useful for people who want to duplicate their house keys or car keys.

Another tool commonly used by locksmiths is a code machine. As you might guess, these machines can cut keys based on code that is entered into the machine. This allows the locksmith to make a new key without the need for the original. Key codes are published in a book that is only available to licensed locksmiths. These machines are far more expensive than basic key duplicating machines. However, they are also far more versatile. They allow a locksmith to not only duplicate existing keys but also to make new keys if the original key was lost.

key cutting machinery used by locksmithsThe process of using one of these machines is quite simple. The locksmith first determines the correct code based on the manufacturer of the lock. The code is then entered into the machine along with a special code known as the bitting code. This code tells the machine how deep each of the cuts should be and how they should be spaced along the edge of the key. Once the data is entered into the machine, the locksmith simply inserts a matching key blank and presses a button to start the cutting process. The machine then goes to work cutting the key by the code that was entered. When it is done, the customer will have a brand new working key for their home, office, padlock, or vehicle.


What Are Transponder Keys?

If you’re wondering what transponder keys are, they’re keys that make use of RF or radio frequency technology for opening and locking devices. While transponder keys can be applied to many different industries, they’re mostly used in the automotive industry.

With transponder keys, a “transponder” apparatus transmits an electronic signal to another RF apparatus. In cars, transponders are employed as anti-theft apparatus. It is integrated with the head of a car key.

When you press a key, a coded signal is sent to your car’s ECU or engine control unit, which is the computing device responsible for making the engine start and run. The ECU waits for this coded signal to be transmitted before startup.

Transponder keys have replaced traditional keys in terms of widespread use. This is mainly because they provide a higher level of security. Transponders improve your vehicle’s security in two ways: First, they help prevent theft by making it far harder to start your automobile’s engine by unauthorized means, such as breaking the ignition lock outside or “hot-wiring” it.

Despite what you may see in Hollywood movies, hot-wiring is not any longer a practical or feasible approach to stealing autos because most modern cars need a custom-built computer to run. Really, these days, only someone knowledgeable on automotive engine management systems is able to steal cars, but even then you are not going to find an easy method to avoid transponder anti-theft systems, by force or otherwise.

Another way that transponder keys increase security is a restriction. Your transponder key is unique to your car. Thus, no other key can inadvertently or deliberately be utilized to start your vehicle, unless if it were an electronic duplicate of your current transponder, but this is hard to do. Each transponder key has a unique electronic signature. You can make many, many duplicates with an ordinary key; however, the chances of two transponder keys having the same electronic signature are slim. The best thing to do is to contact your local expert car locksmith when it comes to transponder keys.

Ford, for instance, has less than 2,000 different manual key combinations in use since 1996 in their vehicles. Without RF, the chances that someone else’s key would start your own Ford vehicle are rather high, 1 in 1706. Sure, the mechanical keys could be made more complex, but it raises the chance for lock failure, or the key hard to replicate or easily damaged, or else makes it too large to carry.

This does not mean a vehicle with a transponder system is not possible to snitch—no lock in the world is impenetrable—what it does mean is that a vehicle with a transponder system is considerably more difficult to steal than one without. Insurance providers know this and provide discounts to cars with this type of anti-theft systems.

How successful are at preventing vehicle theft? The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), among the topmost stolen cars in America in 2005, only one car had an optional transponder system.
Transponder keys are more expensive than traditional keys. They typically cost $25 to almost $300.

The Work Of A Car Locksmith

What Can A Car Locksmith Do?

Often when people are looking at the different types of help that are available to them, people will often want to know what all the people can do. The problem is a lot of people are not sure about what a car locksmith can do or when they should be contacting these professionals. By knowing this information, it is going to be easy for people to know when they should contact the professional car locksmith but also know more about the type of work that they are able to do for them once they have contacted them.

The first thing that people need to do is know the car locksmith can get them in their vehicle when they are locked out of their vehicle. Since they are going to help people in getting their vehicle people will not have to be concerned about their vehicle being locked up and them not being able to get in the vehicle. Without this, people could have problems in getting in their vehicle because they have locked their keys inside of the vehicle and this could easily lead to them not getting to where they need to be or even getting in their vehicle.

A second thing the locksmiths can do is replace the vehicle locks if they need to be replaced. Often people will think about this as an easy job, but this is a lot harder than what people think. This is when people should know more about the fact that the car locksmith can get the older locks out of the vehicle and put in the new locks. So people do not have to be concerned about the vehicles locks being ruined and them not being able to replace the lock.

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Finally, people will see the locksmiths are often able to make the repairs to the transponder keys that people have on their newer vehicles. Since the people are able to get the electronic locks worked on, people will be able to have to take the vehicle to the dealer to get the repair work done, but also will not have to be concerned about the electronic locks on the vehicle not working right anymore. Without this type of repair work, people may have problems in getting into their vehicle because of the locks not functioning properly.

As many people have found out a car locksmith is going to be one of the most mysterious positions that they can call upon for help. However, once people know about what these locksmiths can do and how they are able to do this work, people will not mind hiring them to help them to help them out in getting their vehicle worked on. Without any of this information, though, people may struggle to get the vehicles locks worked on and get them ready to travel around in or even worse not be able to get into the vehicle at all when they lock the keys in the vehicle on accident.

Mobile Auto Locksmith Equipment

Mobile Auto Locksmith Equipment – What Do They Use?

If you have ever had to call a locksmith, these are individuals that usually drive a truck or a large van and they have quite a bit of equipment that they bring with them. At the very least, especially when you’re facing an emergency where you are locked out of your home, and especially your car, they will have a Slim Jim or other types of equipment, that can easily get you back inside. However, a locksmith also carries a significant amount of other equipment that can help them with different projects. Here is an overview of what a mobile auto locksmith will typically bring with them to each job that they do.

What Is A Locksmith?

A locksmith is an individual that has the skills necessary to essentially break into almost anything. They are able to get into locked cars, locked buildings, and even open up safes, making them a high-tech legal burglar of sorts. They are fully licensed to do this type of work and are even called when security equipment needs to be installed or repaired. They have had education and training that is designed to allow them to work with anything that has to do with security.

What Tools They Locksmith Use?

When they will locksmith first starts out, they will spend a significant amount of money on the tools that they will need for their trade. One of the most important pieces of equipment that they own is a set of tools that will allow them to not only repair locks but also make new sets of keys. This equipment may include pick sets that will allow them to get into virtually any type of door or lock. They will have high tension wrenches that are used when they have to open up doors where the locks are impenetrable. They will have pins, pinning kids, and many different locks so that they can take existing ones out, and replace them with new ones, wherever they happen to be.

Advanced Equipment

There is also a lot of advanced equipment that they may have to use for hotels, hospitals, and government facilities. This may include biometric equipment, electromagnetic equipment, and that which is Bluetooth activated. In those cases, they will also have Kwikset locks that are used by many businesses and residences today. Smart code locks, key tags, key blanks and code machines will also be part of their repertoire of tools and parts that they will need.

Finding A Locksmith Today

One of the most important bits of research that you can do is to find a reputable locksmith in your area. These are individuals that have years of experience with handling any type of lock or security system, perfect for individuals that are doing installations at their home or office, or they are simply locked out other vehicles. Those that offer emergency services like MLGC are the ones that you want to use because you never know when your emergency will arise. After you have your phone number, make sure that it is placed into your cell phone for easy access so that you can call them at a moment’s notice.

What Does A Car Locksmith Do?

A locksmith specializes in working with all kinds of locks. We are a society that protects our property, vehicles, businesses, and other items with locks of varying sizes and placements.

For example, if you lock yourself out of your car, or you need the locks changed at your place of business, you would call an auto locksmith to help you out in these situations. Locksmiths can make you a duplicate key, advise you on the overall security of your home or business, and generally be of service with anything to do with locks and similar devices.

It usually takes quite a bit of specialized equipment for a locksmith to operate his or her business, so you will find many locksmiths will travel around in a van, where the necessary equipment can easily be transported. One of the basic skills of a locksmith is that of picking locks, as it is quite common for people to be locked out of their own homes, offices, businesses, and vehicles.

A good locksmith will also carry the necessary tools to make keys, program electronic locks, and many of the other tasks that go along with the profession.

Locksmiths like ATLG Locksmith Brisbane are used to install the lock systems of churches, apartment buildings, and office buildings. When the locksmith installs these locks, he or she automatically becomes the default person who is in charge of the locks in that building from that point on.

Anytime a new lock, or a new combination is needed, the locksmith will be called to perform the job. The locksmith will also keep a record of who has keys, and what locks they fit. If a person leaves the apartment or leaves employment in the office, then the lock must be changed, and the locksmith will be called to do that.

A locksmith will make and retain an extra set of keys, or a set of master keys in order to gain entrance. Other information that is kept is the location and types of locks at that location. The locksmith would also be called upon to install a security system, and locks that could only be accessed by a code that is pressed into the device that is located on the door lock.

A person becomes a locksmith by taking specialized training, usually beginning in a junior college or at a specialized locksmith school of series of courses. Then training as an apprentice for a couple of years is necessary before the locksmith strikes out on his own.