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Important Security Tips Recommended by a Locksmith

There are only a few things in life more frustrating and annoying than realizing you have just mistakenly locked yourself out of your home, office or vehicle. You can peer through the glass to see your key ring dangling from the steering column, or resting on the kitchen counter top. While your first instinct might be to use brute force to regain access, it is often better to hire a locksmith instead. This is because residential homes and late-model vehicles have advanced locking mechanisms. Any amount of force could cause significant damage to a window seal, door frame, or the glass itself.

Calling for Help

Calling a reputable locksmith is a wise decision. Often times, commercial and residential insurance policies provide financial recompense to recoup fees paid by hiring a locksmith as a way to gain access into your car or home. In fact, a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith can provide a top level of commitment to the ongoing security of a property owner’s valuables.

Locksmiths often recommend a variety of security tips including making a single master key, or master card that allows keyed access into all doors, filing cabinets, and the building structure itself. In addition, a qualified locksmith can offer a variety of security services including the installation of protection security systems and devices. Some of these include:

•    A surveillance system
•    Exit devices
•    Access control entries (keyed and keyless)
•    Installed cameras, DVRs and CCTVs
•    Re-keyed locks
•    Door scopes and viewers
•    Door closers and operators
•    Video entry system
•    Push button electronic light
•    Metal doors and frames
•    Commercial grade latches and deadbolts
•    Backdoor security bars
•    Gate and gate lock installations
•    Broken key service
•    Security doorbells and chimes
•    Access to file cabinets

Ongoing Security

Properly securing the office or home is essential to safeguard belongings, families, workers and possessions. A reputable locksmith often recommends the installation of name brand products when re-keying the home or office. Gold Coast Locksmith pointed out that; this minimizes many of the problems caused by break-ins or lost keys. The locksmith typically offers numerous services including lockout rescue, broken key extraction, key-less entry installations and re-keys. Additional services include:

•    Installation of customer surveillance system
•    Burglar-proof hinges
•    Installation of key restricted lock
•    Installed Handle sets
•    Installed patio door locks
•    Installation of window or door sliding glass locks
•    Padlocked lockout
•    Installed high-security locking mechanism

Additional Tips

One way to minimize the potential of needing locksmith services is to make an additional set of keys. These keys can be hidden in secret locations around the exterior of the home, or given to family members and good friends. During a lockout scenario, property owners can gain quick access by using one of these additional keys, instead of making an emergency call to a locksmith.

Property owners that do not have the option of passing out keys to family and friends will need to hire a reputable locksmith. Ensure that the one you call is properly trained, and holds a license, bond, and insurance in your community. The locksmith can provide a valuable service to help you regain access to your property, and provide options to avoid it happening in the future.

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