Gold Coast Residential Locksmith

If you have ever contacted a locksmith, it may have been for one of many reasons. If it was an emergency, they will be able to gain access to your car using specific tools. Likewise, if you lock yourself out of your home, or you need to re-key your business, they have tools that allow them to do this work in a fast and efficient manner. Here’s a quick overview of the different tools that a locksmith must have access to in order to do their job every day.

Tools A Locksmith Uses

A locksmith is going to have an assortment of tools in order to do their job. They will have files, gauges, panels, pliers, tweezers, key rings, tools for making impressions of keys, a Slim Jim for getting into locked vehicles, mica for opening any sprung live latch bolt, and a number of tools including Souber tools and Willenhal lever spring wire. Gold Coast residential locksmith advised; that all of these are necessary for a locksmith to deal with most of the problems that they will encounter each day. Without these tools, they may know exactly what to do, yet without these items, they will be unable to perform the necessary task.

Access Control Tools Gauges And Panels

Locksmiths also use cable stripper tools, pocket tester tools and what is called a punch down. They will also have several gauges including lock and cylinder gauges, keyway panels, pin and pipe key gauges, and even a KG1 key gauge which is used to do accurate finishing and cutting of keys, specifically for safe bitted keys that are so common today.

Tools For Picking Locks

A locksmith is also going to need the appropriate tools by which to pick locks. Some of these tools include a Slim Jim (for car locksmiths), lockpicks, padlocked shims, and a variety of specific lock picking tools including double ball, single ball, and short hook lockpicks. With all of these tools at their disposal, they can literally open up any locked door to help you in your time of need.

The next time that you call a locksmith, and you wonder how they were able to work their magic, you now know that on top of all of their expertise, they need to have specific tools to do their job. Whether you lock your keys in your car, need to have a new key made, or you are simply trying to get back into the office, locksmith tools are an absolutely necessary part of the locksmith’s ability to help people every day with the problems they encounter.